Enjoy a highly specialized ‘Walking Tour’ that takes you into the traditional village life of central Cappadocia. Visit local homes and rock-hewn villages, exploring many spectacular lesser known valleys of Cappadocia, with paths leading through vineyards and past streams. We offer a variety of hiking experiences, ranging from one to four hours and tailored to any level of fitness. 

 If you are in the mood for a scenic and memorable day, Cappadocia offers exciting cycling tours of its beautiful and unique landscape. While these tours are adventuresome, they are suitable for all abilities to enjoy. You can ride through the vineyards and/or enjoy the single tracks in the valleys. Cycling tours can be designed to take you far afield or, if you prefer, keep you close to town. You do not have to go far to visit a sight or museum, as many sights in Cappadocia are quite close to each other. 

 Discover Cappadocia in a different way. You can ride off on horseback through the valleys and the fabulous landscape, as horseback riding allows you to cover a great distance on small tracks, well away from the traffic and crowds. You’ll be able to explore the entire area, as your ride takes you to the fascinating frescoed and rock-carved churches of the Goreme Open Air museum and to the fairy chimneys of Pasabag and Devrent Valleys.

Cappadocia is a land of extreme beauty. The deep canyons, lush fertile valleys, a dry climate provide an ideal playground for unique and memorable hot air balloon flights. If you wish to do a balloon ride one time in your life, save it for Cappadocia, as you will have an unforgettable experience.

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